Stain-Resistant Tablecloth, What is it?

It is a textile tablecloth that has been specifically treated to repel stains with:

  • Two layers of acrylic resin. It protects the fabric against water and stains.
  • A stain-resistant treatment through a high-temperature bath.

The treatment forms a protective layer around each fiber, allowing the fabric to repel stains and dirt.


  • Spilled liquids and food are repelled and very easy to remove/clean.
  • The frequency of washing the tablecloth is significantly reduced.
  • It can be ironed on the reverse side.
  • The fabric maintains a new appearance for a longer time.

Cleaning Tips

  • Clean fresh stains immediately with a damp cloth. For grease stains, use soapy water. To sanitize or disinfect the tablecloths, use a solution of water + bleach at 5% concentration. (2 tablespoons of bleach per liter of water). You can apply it with a spray and dry with a cloth afterward.
  • Wash occasionally in the washing machine at a maximum of 40ºC. Do not use bleach, softeners, or dry cleaning.
  • Iron on the reverse side, on the untreated face, to reactivate the treatment.


Horizontal display

30 x 170 x 120 cm
10 pieces of 25 meters
+ Built-in cutter
For fabrics with a width of 140, 150, and 160 cm

Vertical display

185 x Ø60 cm
10 pieces of 25 meters
+ Built-in cutter
For fabrics with a width of 150 and 160 cm


Measurement 1

100x150 cm
for 2 people

Measurement 2

150x150 cm
for 4 people

Measurement 3

150x200 cm
for 6 people

Measurement 4

Round 150 cm
for 4 people

Medida 5

150x250 cm
for 8 people

Medida 6

150x300 cm
for 10 people

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